City public safety committee meets with Motorola about radio system

By Stephanie Waye TACN, P25, Motorola With 0 Comments

Sunday, October 29, 2017

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On Friday morning, the City of Dyersburg Public Safety Committee, along with various city officials and department heads, including Dyersburg Police, Fire, and 911, met with members of Motorola at the Professional Development Center to discuss the status and future of the Dyersburg Radio System. Motorola officials presented options going forward, as the system is set to go out of support at the end of 2018.

City of Dyersburg Mayor John Holden welcomed those in attendance then turned the meeting over to the Motorola representatives.

Motorola representatives then made a presentation to the city of a P25 Radio System upgrade to join TACN (Tennessee Advanced Communications Network). The TACN radio system was launched in 2015 by the state.

“If you join the state system, you’d be one of many entities that would now be a part of the state,” said Motorola representative April Onyango. “So, any radios on the system would not only allow you to talk within your city, but throughout different parts of the state.”

The proposal also noted that Dyersburg would connect to the Jackson quadrant on the state system, but would do so with what Motorola would call the Millsfield RF site.

As part of the proposal, Onyango mentioned that the city would receive new APEX 6000XE radios.

She also mentioned that benefits would include county and statewide coverage, statewide interoperability, day-to-day operations on TACN, pay $200 per radio to the state of Tennessee annually, and that the total cost of joining the state would be lower than maintaining the city’s own system.

“I want to make sure that everybody understands that the system is not owned by Motorola,” said Motorola representative Jeff Miller. “It is owned by the State of Tennessee plus where the locals have added on to it – they own their pieces of it. We just maintain it as a partnership with the state.”

“Would there be a cost for this new system?” asked Alderman and Committee Chairman Bob Kirk.

“Yes, it would be,” responded Onyango. “Number one to get you current, but then after that the bulk of the responsibility would fall on the state.”

Discussion concerning the cost of the previous update in 2011 ensued, along with the use of current radios on the TACN system.

Sean Eriksen of Motorola presented numerous products including various models of communication devices to those in attendance.

The committee did not take action during Friday’s meeting. Mayor Holden thanked everyone for attending and noted that the city officials and committee members would discuss what they had learned further.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.